what is Body-Appreciation?

Body-appreciation is such a juicy concept to wrap your mind around because it takes you out of the duality of… I HATE my body or I LOVE my body It also has the potential of shifting you out of the “my body is a never-ending project” mindset. Body-appreciation is an idea that can help us […]

5 ways to center yourself when you’re feeling off-kilter

  In an ideal world we would all feel calm, at ease and totally centered. But we don’t live in an ideal world. We live in a reality, where we encounter frustrations, deadlines, losses, illness, and more. There is so much of life that destabilizes and makes us feel ungrounded. And those of us who […]

Cherry Clafoutis – gluten-free

Before I share the recipe, I’d like to tell you the reasons I love this recipe so much… It’s DELICIOUS! It tastes both deluxe and comforting! It’s not chocolate  (I love chocolate desserts, but they keep me up at night, so it’s nice to have an alternative) It’s gluten-free It’s dairy-free (or make it with butter if […]

#metoo and your relationship with your body

  The  #metoo phenomenon of women speaking out about their sexual abuse and/or violations by men feels like a game-changer for women. It’s hopefully shifting the way that men treat women, but I also believe it will have a big impact on women’s body-image and body-shame. There is SO much of women’s relationship with their body that is […]

Weight is not a measure of health

  Last week I went to the doctor’s office to have my lungs listened to (I think I was exposed to some mold, which always triggers an asthma response in my body). But before we even got to the conversation about my breathing, one of the lovely nurses took my blood pressure and then asked […]

Emotional eating? 6 key questions

I found myself prowling through the cupcake aisle at Whole Foods. I walked slowly around and around the glass case, checking out the beautiful decorations and the different flavors. Perusing cupcakes is nothing extraordinary, people do it everyday, but the thing is that my body is very sensitive to wheat and refined sugar. I get super sleepy […]

My bathing suit

I’m 53 years old, and I’ve never worn a two piece bathing suit until this year. What’s that about? Simply put….BODY SHAME! I remember in my teens, I had a cute one piece bathing suit that had a ruffle across the chest. I had chosen the suit specifically to hide my chest, which I was […]

Selfies as a Self-compassion practice

I feel so grateful to have spent some time with Vivienne McMaster this week. She is a phenomenal photographer whose work is devoted to helping women develop self-compassion through self-portraiture. Her work deeply resonated with me because I hear so many women (including myself!) say….I don’t like that picture of me! I notice women as they […]

The problem with a better body

I saw the sign at the gym. “BETTER BODY CHALLENGE” and suddenly, out came this rant: “Really? A BETTER body? What’s wrong with my body as it is?! I’m here at the gym because I want to care for myself! I want to be strong and agile and you are telling me that my body is […]