Emotional eating? 6 key questions

I found myself prowling through the cupcake aisle at Whole Foods. I walked slowly around and around the glass case, checking out the beautiful decorations and the different flavors. Perusing cupcakes is nothing extraordinary, people do it everyday, but the thing is that my body is very sensitive to wheat and refined sugar. I get super sleepy […]

My bathing suit

I’m 53 years old, and I’ve never worn a two piece bathing suit until this year. What’s that about? Simply put….BODY SHAME! I remember in my teens, I had a cute one piece bathing suit that had a ruffle across the chest. I had chosen the suit specifically to hide my chest, which I was […]

Selfies as a Self-compassion practice

I feel so grateful to have spent some time with Vivienne McMaster this week. She is a phenomenal photographer whose work is devoted to helping women develop self-compassion through self-portraiture. Her work deeply resonated with me because I hear so many women (including myself!) say….I don’t like that picture of me! I notice women as they […]

The problem with a better body

I saw the sign at the gym. “BETTER BODY CHALLENGE” and suddenly, out came this rant: “Really? A BETTER body? What’s wrong with my body as it is?! I’m here at the gym because I want to care for myself! I want to be strong and agile and you are telling me that my body is […]

I just want to eat like a normal person…

“Everyone else goes out and has nachos and margaritas and stays skinny. If I eat that, I blow up!” “My friends are able to have a bite of dessert and then not eat the whole thing…I can’t do that!” “The rest of my family doesn’t worry about dairy or gluten or sugar, it drives me […]

I can’t stop eating sugar

It seems like every season is candy season. It starts with Halloween, then moves on to X-mas/Chanukah. Valentine’s Day follows, and after that, we’re into Easter/Passover candies.  Every day there’s a pile of candy at the checkout counter of the grocery store. And we’re not even talking about all the hidden sugar in everyday foods […]

5 tips for Celebratory Eating

As a Health & Psychology of Eating coach, you might think I’d have some pithy advice about making your celebratory eating healthy. You might have expected me to say: Start your meal with a big green salad Fill 2/3 of your plate with veggies For every glass of wine, drink 2 glasses of water Now even […]

5 teas that heal…

Drinking herbal tea is a wonderful way to keep hydrated throughout the day, while at the same time healing your body. Herbs have so many health benefits. Drinking them in tea form is easy and delicious. In addition to the medicinal benefits, you get the psychological, stress-relieving advantage of the ritual – sipping a hot […]

QUIZ: How good at you at receiving?

Take a moment for this quiz. It’s worth it. 1. Do you find yourself saying any of the following statements… Why am I the only one doing this? Doesn’t any one else notice the trash/dishes/paperwork etc.? 2. Emotionally do you ever feel… unappreciated? taken for granted? unacknowledged? resentful? 3. Physically do you ever feel… exhausted? […]

My Makeup – Organic, gluten-free, vegan

I met Krysta Lewis at a local new-age fair and what really captivated me about her (besides her awesome makeup) was her story and why she decided to create her own make up line. It was self-preservation! She was sick for 9 years. She tried everything to heal herself and  finally traced her malaise to the […]