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They are all specifically designed to help you be more nourished in your life!

orange1This EAT ON PURPOSE COACHING SERIES – will support you to deeply nourish yourself at every meal in a very simple way (just 3 easy phrases)



orange2This WHAT TO DO NOW WHEN EVERYTHING HASN’T WORKED video series – will give you very specific support around What to EAT, What to DO, What to ASK so that you feel more nourished!

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“What to do now, when everything you’ve done hasn’t worked.”


orange3This DELUXE GREEN SMOOTHIE STARTER KIT ebook is everything you need to get an incredibly powerful and practical habit rolling in your life. Green Smoothies are amazing for curbing cravings and boosting energy!

Nina green smoothie - Version 3DELUXE GREEN SMOOTHIE STARTER KIT – Free ebook   RECIPES, TIPS & SHORTCUTS!






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