#metoo and your relationship with your body


The  #metoo phenomenon of women speaking out about their sexual abuse and/or violations by men feels like a game-changer for women.

It’s hopefully shifting the way that men treat women, but I also believe it will have a big impact on women’s body-image and body-shame.

There is SO much of women’s relationship with their body that is caught up in shame. 

  • Shame of what has happened to us that we feel should be hidden away
  • Shame of our body-story (our body-story is everything our body has been through)
  • Shame in being the size or shape that we are
  • Shame in how our body functions or doesn’t


Right now, women are casting off the shame of sexual assault and speaking out. 


I’m seeing POWERFUL and LIBERATING behavior…








I’m seeing:






And all of this is making me so deeply thrilled and so very angry at the same time.


I’m thrilled that women are owning their stories and speaking up and emboldening others.


Simultaneously, I’m furious that this is our world. I’m filled with rage that for centuries (millennia, really) men have felt they could own and possess women’s bodies.


We have lived for too long with men mistreating women. I’m so done with it and have been done with it my whole life!


In my work with women and their relationship with their bodies, I have yet to encounter a woman who’s body image has not been impacted by the male gaze, male harassment, male expectations, or male violence.


The women speaking out right now are OWNING their bodies. Taking back their space and their safety. It feels like a reclaiming of what has always been ours.


And as a coach who specializes in helping women feel at ease and at home in their bodies, I see hope in this uprising.


  • We as women are more able to create a self-compassionate relationship with our bodies when we can own our body-story, and when we know that all women have been through their own story (no need to compare ourselves to other women – everyone has been through stuff!)
  • We, as women are more able to create a respectful, responsive and nourishing relationship with our body when we are willing to hear our body’s wounds and not keep them secret.
  • We as women are more able to create a positive and pleasurable relationship with our body when we know that our body deserves to feel safe and that we can create safety for ourselves.


I am well aware that hearing women’s sexual assault stories every day is triggering and painful for many women. I do not want to minimize the trauma that is being unearthed. Every day I feel red with rage.


And yet, I also see how we are on a path towards women claiming their bodies…


  • as their own
  • as being beautiful AS WE ARE
  • as strong and amazing homes to live in
  • as real and deserving of deep nourishment


 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Nina Manolson, MA, NBC-HWC, board certified Health Coach and Psychology of Eating Coach believes that every woman deserves to feel good in her own body. She helps women create a healthy and positive relationship with their food and body so they can love their body and life!  She’s the founder of NinaManolson.com and NourishedWomanNation.com 

She helps busy women look and feel their best. She specializes in working with women over 40 who have tried other diets and approaches but are still struggling with their body and food. She helps women step into a new wellness paradigm that makes self-care real and do-able and turns it into sustainable healthy habits that

She’s the author of “Feed Your Kids Well In A World That Doesn’t: an everyday guide to make healthy food happen in your home and beyond”. She’s also the recipient of the prestigious Health Leadership Award from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

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One thought on “#metoo and your relationship with your body

  1. Grace C. Beebe

    I was pretty taken back by all the women who bravely stepped forward with their truth about the president especially after his nasty comments to a reporter. Yet he was elected a sex predator it has fueled my fire internally. It has brought me to a new level of awareness and how violated I have been in my life. I am tired of the violations and violators and it prompted me to dig in further with my therapist. I found myself acting out not in a positive manner and I am working on forgiving myself for lapsing in my behavior and it was not with food or drink but let’s call it a had gesture.I am saying the serenity prayer a lot and watching my flames internally. My fire is not embers it is still fire and I can rise up and away for burning and move into Grace more. I said to my hubby why has this been going on so long even in the Bible women were treated so poorly. Much to think about and look inside. Thank you for being there.


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