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What the cacti have to say to you…

Every morning during my visit to Tucson, Arizona I woke up early and went hiking in the mountains among the saguaro cacti. It was awesome! I have never spent time in the desert so hanging out with cacti was new for me and because of the novelty, I saw everything with beginners eyes and was […]

5 ways to center yourself when you’re feeling off-kilter

  In an ideal world we would all feel calm, at ease and totally centered. But we don’t live in an ideal world. We live in a reality, where we encounter frustrations, deadlines, losses, illness, and more. There is so much of life that destabilizes and makes us feel ungrounded. And those of us who […]

Emotional eating? 6 key questions

I found myself prowling through the cupcake aisle at Whole Foods. I walked slowly around and around the glass case, checking out the beautiful decorations and the different flavors. Perusing cupcakes is nothing extraordinary, people do it everyday, but the thing is that my body is very sensitive to wheat and refined sugar. I get super sleepy […]

Where digestion really starts, and why it matters!

If you look up images of digestion, you’ll get see a lot of this… The pictures show the digestive tract starting from the salivary glands. But that’s not really where digestion starts. The process of digestion actually starts in your brain! Specifically – that process has a fancy name – it’s called The Cephalic Phase […]

How to Develop Body Wisdom

This week a brand new client said to me… “I’ve been brainwashed! I know the calories in every food I know the fat grams in an avocado I know to watch for fibre in relation to fat. But I don’t know what works for MY body! I don’t know how to listen to my own […]

Social Media and Your Body

Here’s how to have a relationship with your body that will change your life! You are most likely on Facebook or Twitter, perhaps Instagram or maybe even Pinterest.  (Please join me on any of those social media platforms by clicking through on these links!) The purpose of these networks – of course – is to connect you with other people. But […]