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Skinny Dipping and How to Love Your Body Naked

I just got back from a week of vacation with my family. We headed North of Montreal to the Laurentians, it’s a beautiful area of mountains and lakes. I grew up in Montreal, and as a kid, we spent every summer and weekend in the Laurentians in a close-knit community…so it’s familiar and deeply nourishing […]

14 ways I learned to love my body

97% of women say something mean and critical to their body every day! That is a shocking statistic, but it may not surprise you. It may not surprise you because as a woman, you know the harsh things we say to ourselves. The fact that almost every woman is judging themselves didn’t surprise me at all, […]

The cost of judging your body

My niece and I take Belly Dancing together. It’s a joyous way for us to connect and get moving. It’s also a bit more challenging than I anticipated! Getting my hips shimmy-ing for 10 minutes straight is no small feat! Before our class started, our fab teacher Nadira Jamal, (pictured below) asked everyone to sign […]