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Emotional eating? 6 key questions

I found myself prowling through the cupcake aisle at Whole Foods. I walked slowly around and around the glass case, checking out the beautiful decorations and the different flavors. Perusing cupcakes is nothing extraordinary, people do it everyday, but the thing is that my body is very sensitive to wheat and refined sugar. I get super sleepy […]

Where digestion really starts, and why it matters!

If you look up images of digestion, you’ll get see a lot of this… The pictures show the digestive tract starting from the salivary glands. But that’s not really where digestion starts. The process of digestion actually starts in your brain! Specifically – that process has a fancy name – it’s called The Cephalic Phase […]

The Hello Technique

All I can say is watch this video 🙂 It’s less than 3 minutes – and watching it will give you a technique that has the power to change your metabolism (better calorie burning), improve your digestion – and increase the enjoyment you get from your food. When you practice this technique regularly – it can deeply impact your ability […]

2 minutes that can heal your body…

When I tell other moms that we observe 2 minutes of silence before dinner, they often quip “I couldn’t get my kids to be quiet for 20 seconds!” Now I totally get that, my kids can certainly talk up a blue streak. But our 2 minute meditations started not because I want my kids to be quiet, […]