Do you feel a little inconsistent when it comes to truly nourishing yourself?

Sometimes you’re doing great, then you get off track and feel like a failure?


Imagine finally making peace with your body and food.


The Nourished Woman Path is specifically for you if…

you do better with consistent support and you want
to deepen into the Nourished Woman Lifestyle.


After working with women and their relationship with their food and body for 25 years, I’ve realized that 3 factors create the change we are seeking in our relationship with our body and food.

  • Support – we need to let go of the idea that we can do it alone. It’s time to relax into support
  • Community – shifting our relationship with food and body is SO much easier when we’re connected
  • A clear compassionate path – enough with the latest diet or short term fix, it’s time to find a way that works ongoingly and pleasurably.


You’ve changed short term,
have you ever shifted your self-care for a year?


The nourished path is for you if you’re a woman who…

  • already knows what they “should” be doing to feel good, but it’s just not happening in your daily life.
  • doesn’t want a new diet to get all enthusiastic about only to drop it a couple of weeks in
  • is willing to look at the underlying issues that keep you struggling with food and body issues
  • gets inspired by other women
  • loves honest and real support and guidance, vs rah-rah cheerleading.

It includes:

  • 2 hour-long conference calls a month – with a VERY small group. It could start with as few people as 3 and I would never have more than 6.
  • 1 individual coaching session a month
  • Access to every Nourished Woman Intensive I offer while you’re in the Path.
  • Access to all the powerful nourishment content I’ve every created: Hormonal Harmony Program, Radiant & Luminous Program, Healthy Full Fridge, Make Healthy Happen in Your Family and more
  • Plus a full day in-person retreat

Working individually with me a-la-carte is $650 – $800 month, my programs range from $1000-$2000 for 2 months and a one-day retreat with me is $350. Here’s another option…

The Nourished Woman Path is a budget-friendly alternative that still involves one-on-one time with me, and a whole lot more.

New Path cohorts begin when there is a group of at least 3 women.
Scheduling varies depending on the group

I want to make sure that the Nourished Woman Path is the perfect place for you so let’s have a casual chat so I can get a sense of your goals.

Click here to schedule

From a Nourished Path participant:

333497_10150921126800515_140910599_o“Before I started on my Path with Nina and the other women on my Path, I was a scale worshiper.  I thought my day wasn’t going to be a good one unless my magic number was within reach or reached!  As you can imagine I had very few “good” days!  I was obsessed with food and although I knew the “right” things to eat I was always “sneaking” in the forbidding things!  Not a very pretty way to live.

When I started working with Nina, I started to hear my body.  Who knew my body was talking to me!

My body image is changing, meaning I’m happy with my body.  When I look in the mirror I’m happy with what I see, I’m not trying to change it.  Is that because I’ve lost weight?  Who knows, I NEVER go on the scale.  My doctor is happy with my blood results, I feel great, what could be bad!!!

I LOVE my group and Nina is definitely My Leader as we go along our Path to Nourishment together!  

It’s so comforting to be with other women and have a common thread.  I’m not saying that the thread is food, it’s stronger than that; it’s that we are all women who have spent too much of our lives trying to change, correct, or eliminate parts of our body instead of Nourishing our body.  

That is what is so brilliant about what Nina is doing.  We learn from each other in our group and knowing these other women are there to support me is the best!!!

So what I have learned from the group, as it is moving forward, is that what we all have in common is our bond and through that bond the food, etc becomes secondary.  Its the bond that is the common ground and it is Nina who is the glue that holds us all together!
~ Lorraine Kweskin

I can’t wait to support you in this special and sacred space!

About Nina:

ready-to-startNina Manolson helps women over 40 end their war with food and make peace with their body. She is a Certified Psychology of Eating Teacher and Holistic Health Coach, with 20 years experience in the Health and Wellness field. She also holds a Masters degree in Counseling Psychology.

She’s the founder of and the Nourished Woman Nation and the author of “Feed Your Kids Well In A World That Doesn’t: An Everyday Guide to Make Healthy Food Happen in your Home and Beyond.”

Nina offers individual sessions and group programs. She is also the founder of the Nourished Woman Nation – a community of women who are stepping into feeling truly good from the inside out.