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what is Body-Appreciation?

Body-appreciation is such a juicy concept to wrap your mind around because it takes you out of the duality of… I HATE my body or I LOVE my body It also has the potential of shifting you out of the “my body is a never-ending project” mindset. Body-appreciation is an idea that can help us […]

The only diet I recommend to all women

I’m not a believer in diets for three reasons: I’ve tried hundreds, and they’ve never helped me release weight in a permanent way. I’ve worked with hundreds of women who have been deeply demoralized and lost trust in their body by doing countless diets that “failed.” The Statistics (they don’t lie): 95% of diets fail, and […]

Do you know this body? How to stay Body-Current

“My body was always so strong, I want that back.” “I never had food sensitivities before, I don’t understand why my digestion is off” “I want to fit into the skinny jeans I wore before I had kids.” I mostly work with women over 40, and I often hear the longing for a body that […]