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Emotional eating? 6 key questions

I found myself prowling through the cupcake aisle at Whole Foods. I walked slowly around and around the glass case, checking out the beautiful decorations and the different flavors. Perusing cupcakes is nothing extraordinary, people do it everyday, but the thing is that my body is very sensitive to wheat and refined sugar. I get super sleepy […]

True Food Freedom

In working with my private clients, I see recurrent themes surface as they work towards creating a healthy and positive relationship between body and self. One of those themes is… FOOD FREEDOM. I hear it a lot. Women want to feel FREE with food. We all want FOOD FREEDOM! Don’t you want to be able to […]

What happens when your body starts yelling at you…

Is your body yelling at you? ~ Do you have aches and pains? ~ Do you have an auto-immune disorder? ~ Do you get colds easily? ~ Do you have digestive issues? ~ Does your monthly cycle flatten you? ~ Do you have unwanted eating habits? ~ Do you get headaches?   These symptoms are […]

Banana Cacao Candy – Emotional eating always has a trail

Emotional eating always has a trail

It starts with a feeling that you don’t really want to feel, that gets masked with another feeling, that might have another feeling or behavior on top, this can go on for a while, until it’s hard to remember where you started and why you are eating the chips or ice cream or whatever it is that you are craving.