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Nourished Woman Nation

…is all about creating a healthy, empowered YOU!

If you’re ready to step into a community that fuels your body, mind and soul. If you know that prioritizing yourself is the next step…it’s time to become a Nourished Woman Nation Member. It’s FREE!

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Work with me one-to-one

You’re capable and busy and you know what you “should” do to take care of yourself, but it’s just not happening. Individual work is for you if your ready to walk away from the quick fixes and into sustainable health and vitality.

Let’s talk and create a customized plan for you

Book Nina to Speak at Your Event

Would you like to invite Nina to speak at your next event, conference or retreat? Want to add healthy practices, engaging support and nourishing workshops to your next presentation that will encourage and inspire your audience towards a healthier state of mind?

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VIP Day (in person or virtual)

It’s a makeover day! Let’s set you up with success by surrounding you with healthy food and
setting you up with systems that make healthy eating a breeze. Each VIP day is tailored to your

So let’s talk and design the perfect nourishing day for you.

Make Healthy Happen in Your Family
~Home Study Program

If you wish your kids ate healthier, this is the program for you. Take it at your own pace and
watch as each powerful strategy creates a healthy eating culture in your home.

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dont-5-227Don’t Leave Home Without It:

Your guide and checklist to making healthy food choices on the go. Never again get caught wondering: “Ugh, why did I eat that?!”

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28 Day Nourished Woman Intensive

28 Days of Wow! Step into the most delicious SLO-MO Detox and foundational practices that set you up for feeling truly vibrant! The transformations in this program are stunning!

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The Nourished Path

Are you done, done, done with the diets, the trying and the failing to be in control of your food and body. If you want to walk on a steady path of Nourishment, The Nourished Path is for you. It’s small group work that creates deep shifts so that taking care of yourself becomes a way of life, not a new fad.

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Feed Your Kids Well In a World That Doesn’t:

An everyday guide to make healthy food happen in your home and beyond This is a must-have book for all conscientious busy moms who want to raise a healthy family.

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Don’t know where to start?

I know it’s a lot of options and it can be a tad overwhelming. I’ve been helping women for many
years and know that we each need something different at different moments of your life. But I can assure you, there is a right next step for you.

Start here if you’re not sure where to start.